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Audit and Review Engagements

Whether it is fulfilling a reporting requirement to your financial institution or presenting audited financial statements to your not-for-profit funding partners, the Fort Group team can help you provide the necessary reporting in a cost-efficient manner and, in doing so, provide an important assessment of the adequacy of the organization’s internal controls.

Our assurance engagements cover the following services:

  • Audit engagements for private companies (for profit)

  • Review engagements for private companies (for profit)

  • Audits of not-for-profit organizations

  • Reviews of not-for-profit organizations

  • Audits of condominium corporations

  • Audits of First Nation bands and entities

  • Special framework audits

  • Compliance with agreement audits

  • Specified procedure audits

  • Internal control assessments

Support you deserve. Expertise you can trust.

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