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Welcome Back Fort Group Builders!

We want to welcome back our Fort Group Team from the Dominican Republic. Part of our Fort Group family teamed up with Shine the Light and headed down to El Javillar to help build two new homes for two loving families.

Well they sure built more than these two homes, they bonded, they danced, they became a part of the community. Aaron Pauls, Aaron Dorosh and Joseph Caliguiri spent some time with the local community teaching a few basic accounting courses, and Aaron Dorosh, Anton and Dr. Brian (Shine Dental), hit the gym with some of the young men.

Most of the day was spent mixing cement out in the street, under the hot sun, then creating bucket lines to haul it all in. But it wasn't all work, at different times in the week each of the team headed out to different family homes to learn how traditional Dominican meals are made. Them, along with a translator chatted about life in the Dominican, how the food is prepared, the rivers that flood, and their families.

Every day was a different, new and exciting experience. They all learned a little more about themselves, and their co-workers and how complete strangers can turn into friends. The sense of community was very overwhelming, everyone wanted to help build these homes.

This team would love to tell you about their experience, if you're in the office or calling, feel free to ask them about it. If you are interested in joining or would like to stay updated on the progress, check out Shine The Light.

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